四虎影院 prepares individuals for successful careers in traditional trades and fine craftsmanship. Members of our alumni community are found around the globe, with many recognized as leaders within their fields.

We’re proud to support our alumni community by sharing their stories, promoting their work, and providing resources that help enhance their success.

Alumni can access a full range of services, from employment support to classifieds, via our Student & Alumni Portal. Our active Jobs & Commissions Board provides employment and project opportunities for alumni. They’re also a great resource for employers seeking highly skilled professionals for their business.

Want to know how 四虎影院 prepares you for a career? Annual gainful employment numbers are provided under each of our nine Career Training program pages. You can also find a general listing of roles, wages, and other employment info on our Graduate Career Opportunities page.

Where Do Alumni Live?

Where do 四虎影院 alumni live? Shows a US map, with most graduates living in Massachusetts, California, Florida, and New England.

四虎影院 has a truly national reach! While most of our graduates are based in New England, we’re seeing more alumni living in California and Florida than ever before.

Our alumni live on six continents (sorry Antarctica)
Our home state Massachusetts has the most number of alumni
No grads (that we know of) in Arkansas or Wyoming


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